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Ulli Allmendinger

Ulli Allmendinger

(MSc. Ayurveda)

Ulli is an Ayurvedic consultant, Eastern nutrition expert, detox facilitator and teacher, with a passion for cooking, Ayurvedic nutrition, as well as Traditional Eastern healing arts and energy practices. She has pursued her studies of Ayurveda in the US and India since 2003, under the tutelage of renowned teachers such as Dr. Robert Svoboda and Dr. Vasant Lad. In addition to being a graduate of Dr. Lad’s two-year, full-time program at the Ayurvedic Institute in New Mexico, she also holds a Master’s degree in Ayurvedic Sciences from International Vedic Hindu University (IVHU) in Florida, USA.

In addition, Ulli also trained in Western Herbalism under renowned herbalist and author Karta Purkh Singh Khalsa. His highly successful approach is a combination of scientific Western herbalism and the traditional energetic herbalism of Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine. Since graduating from his Professional Herbalist Course in Seattle, WA in 2007, she is a member of the American Botanical Council in the United States.

Women’s health is an area Ulli is passionate about, and she supports, guides and empowers women of all ages in their hormonal and reproductive health as well as fertility. She is also a trained post-partum AyurDoula, specializing in post-partum care for mother and child, including individualized post-partum diet and herbal formulations as well as body therapies to ensure proper healing and rejuvenation.

Even though she left behind a successful career as a journalist in New York City, Ulli still regularly contributes to and edits for several publications, and has published her first book, Ayurveda, with Dogan Publishing House in Istanbul in 2017 and will publish her second book together with Prof. Dietrich Grönemeyer with Südwest/Random House in Fall 2024.

Ulli currently lives and works in Istanbul, Turkey, where she directs the holistic and integrative wellness company Ulli Ayurveda. She conducts personalized Ayurvedic consultations, teaches workshops and trainings, as well as guides detox camps and retreats both in Turkey and internationally. From 2019-2020 Ulli was also the co-owner of Turkey’s first plant-based Ayurvedic restaurant, NoBo.


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