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Postpartum Care

Postpartum Care

03 - 05 Dec 2021 | @Zoom/Online

Ayurvedic Pregnancy and Postpartum Support

Online Training with Nur Sakalli and Ulli Allmendinger

Join us for a beautiful online immersion into the world of pregnancy and postpartum support from both a Western and Ayurvedic perspective.

Pregnancy and postpartum are very special right of passages in a woman’s life. A smooth and joyful journey throughout this time will not only lead to a healthier and happier future for both mother and baby but also for the community. In this seminar, we will firstly understand the changes in the physical and emotional body of a woman during pregnancy and postpartum as well as how to best support the mother during these times. Because the postpartum transition into motherhood can often be challenging, physically and mentally, it is fundamental to learn what could support a woman to have a better birth experience and understand how this in turn affects the postpartum period. 

According to Ayurvedic medicine, choices made in the first 42 days after childbirth play an important role in a woman’s ability to mother and connect with her newborn baby. The ancient texts also stated that the first 42 days after birth are critical in determining a women’s health and wellbeing for the next 42 years to come. If the basic needs of the mother are neglected, the prolonged discomfort, depression and lack of recovery can manifest into fatigue, stress, depression and other chronic health problems later. However, with a few basic guidelines regarding diet and lifestyle, both mother and newborn can be supported in their journey towards healing, being, connecting and bonding.  So we will learn not only physical care but also how to support the emotional wellbeing of a new mother. We will understand how to ease the adaptation to her new life by practicing some helpful techniques and exercises for a quicker and better recovery after birth.

Program Structure: The training will be 3 full days online via Zoom. We will support these 3 full days with movement, dance, breathwork and meditation. If you miss a session, you will receive the recordings to be viewed later.

Cost: 1800TL (1500TL early-bird pricing, paid in full by November 1, 2021)

Students and graduates from Ulli’s 200-hour Ayurveda program and Nur’s Doula and Prenatal Yoga Training will receive an additional 10% discount.



Register: For questions and registration please email us at postpartumtraining@gmail.com or call Meryem at 0530 408 2752.

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