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8-Week Ayurvedic Nutrition

8-Week Ayurvedic Nutrition

28 Sep - 16 Nov 2021 | @Zoom Online

Do you feel your diet needs an overhaul? Are you bored eating the same foods every day? Do you suffer from low energy, gas, bloating or even acid reflux after meals? Then this seminar is for you. Together with a group of fellow participants, you will embark on a journey of discovering how to nourish your body and mind through Ayurvedic nutrition. You will learn what foods are suitable for your unique body and how to eat to feel lighter, more energetic and well-nourished. Each week, you will learn about one aspect of Ayurvedic nutrition and apply those principles through weekly assignments, food lists and recipes. This is not a strict diet program but rather an invitation to explore your relationship to food as nourishment and a source of strength, joy and vitality. You will be guided through this process and supported through a group of fellow participants.

PROGRAM STRUCTURE:         8 x 60 min. Online Seminars + Weekly Assignments, WhatsApp Group, Food Lists, Recipe Booklet


WEEK 1:  Your Inner Landscape: The Five Elements and Three Doshas.

RECIPES: Lemon-Honey Water; Digestive Tea (KiKiRe)

WEEK 2: Unique You: Your Ayurvedic Constitution, Characteristics, Strength

and Weaknesses

RECIPES:  Sprouted Mungbean Soup; Carrot Ginger Soup; Beet Bortsch

WEEK 3: Supporting Agni: Optimal Digestion and Metabolism

RECIPES: Turmeric Ghee; Ginger Pickle

WEEK 4: Energetic Nutrition: Food and Elements, Gunas and Tastes

RECIPES: Morning Fruit Stew; Ayurvedic Power Porridge; Pumpkin Congee

WEEK 5: The 3-Season Diet: Foods and Recipes for Each Dosha

RECIPES: Vata-Winter Root Vegetable Gratin; Pitta-Detoxifying Sprouted Mungbean Salad; Kapha-Cauliflower Curry

WEEK 6: Diet Hacks: Guidelines for Healthy Eating and Proper Food Combining

RECIPES: Congee and Kitchari-Eastern Medicine Superfood

WEEK 7: Microbiome: Fermented Foods for Gut Health

RECIPES: Beet Kvass; Fermented Carrots

WEEK 8: Kitchen Pharmacy: Spices and their Medicinal Properties

RECIPES: Digestive Churna; Turmeric Paste; Rooibos Chai



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