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100 Hour Advanced Ayurveda Training in India

100 Hour Advanced Ayurveda Training in India

18 - 28 Apr 2024 | @Vaidyagrama Ayurvedic Center, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu

Join us in Spring 2024for thethırd Advanced Ayurveda Training in India, where we have the chance to study, experience and live Ayurveda in the birthland of this beautiful science. We will be staying and studying as a group at the famous Vaidyagrama Resort, frequented by many of my teachers, including Claudia Welch and Robert Svoboda. They have excellent Ayurvedic vaidyas (doctors) who will be teaching us daily from their immense clinical knowledge and expertise. Daily instruction will be approximately 5 hours from the vaidyas, plus additional review time with me. In addition, there will be guided tours of their hospital, Panchakarma center, herbal pharmacy and factory etc. Our daily schedule will be very much in tune with life at the center, including morning prayers and rituals, mantra chanting and evening satsangs. 



Topics Covered Include

  • Fundamentals of Ayurvedic Internal Medicine (kayachikitsa), including concept of disease management (langhana / brimhana)
  • Ayurveda Science of Prevention (swastha-vritta)
  • Dravya guna shastra: Advanced Ayurvedic herbology, herbal preparations & using herbal therapeutics in practice.
  • Fundamentals of Panchakarma:
    • Poorvakarma (preparation), pradhanakarma (main procedure) and paschatkarma (post-procedural convalescence)
    • Preparatory procedures, such as various types of snehana & swedana therapies: abhyanga, pizhichil, kateevasthy, nethratharpanam, lepam
    • Five-fold Ayurvedic detoxification procedures such as vamana, virechana, anuvasana, niroohavasthy and nasya
    • Post-Panchakarma: specific food and lifestyle modification, as well as various aspects of rasayana, the anti-ageing modality of Ayurveda.



April 2024  |  Advanced Ayurveda Training, Coimbatore, India


Training  |  $1700 (incl. accommodation, all meals and teaching; airport transfer and shopping excursions will be charged separately)

Early-bird |  $1500 (paid in full by September 1, 2022)


The rate above is applicable for double-room occupancy. Should you prefer a single-room option, there is an additional surcharge of $200.


For this training, space is limited to 20 students, so please register early to ensure that you have a place. The complete payment for the training is due December 1, 2022. For questions and to register, please contact me directly by phone @ 0539 203 0422 or email [email protected]



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