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200-Hour Living Ayurveda Training, January-June 2019, LiT Karaköy

This 200-hour, in-depth exploration of Ayurveda will focus on the key concepts of this beautiful ancient wisdom and its practical application to modern daily living. It can be taken by yoga teachers, yoga students, massage therapist, nutritionists and anybody interested taking charge of their and their family’s health, as well as wanting to supplement their career in holistic healing. After this year, you will be able to confidently apply Ayurvedic principles, nutrition and routines to your daily life, as well as start working with family members and friends, using Ayurvedic nutrition and lifestyle advice, along with a few selected spices and herbs to work on imbalances and support a process of healing. 

The course is a total of 8 modules during 6 months, where the last two modules will be taught in a retreat setting. It will be taught in English and Turkish translation as well as Turkish handouts are available. After completing the full course including all homework assignments, students will receive a certificate of completion from Ulli Ayurveda.

Start: January – June 2019
Hours: Saturday & Sunday,10.00 - 17.00 
Location: LiT Karakoy

1. Fundamentals of Ayurveda: History and Philosophy of Ayurveda, Elements and Doshas
12/13th January, 2019

2. Ayurvedic Anatomy & Physiology I: Subdoshas, Dhatus (Tissues), Malas (Wastes) 
2/3rd February, 2019

3. The Subtle Body & the Mind: Daily and Seasonal Routines (Dinacharya/ Ritucharya) and AyurYoga 
23/24th February, 2019

4. Fundamentals of Ayurvedic Nutrition & Ayurvedic Cooking Basics 
23/24th March, 2019

5. Ayurvedic Anatomy & Physiology II: Srotas (Channels) Marmani (Energy Points) and Marma Therapy 
27/28th April, 2019

6. Ayurvedic Pathology: Models of Disease In Ayurveda (Samprapti) & Physical Assessment I (Face and Tongue)
18/19th May, 2019

FINAL RETREAT: 12-16th June, 2019 Hizir Kamp, Kaz Mountains

* Module 7: Physical Assessment II (Pulse Diagnosis) & Ayurvedic Health History Intake 

* Module 8: Ayurvedic Therapies: Herbal Medicine & Ayurvedic Bodywork: (Abhyanga & Bastis)

Cost: Full Course: 6000TL
Half Course: 3200TL 
Cash Discount: 10%
Early-Bird Registration Deadline: 
November 1, 2018 (5% additional discount)

Register: For questions and to register for this course, please contact Melis Baltalı Olçum by calling 0530 290 0444 or emailing melisbaltali@gmail.com



  When Breath Turns Into Air...

An Ayurvedic Fall Detox Retreat to Boost Immunity,

Rejuvenate the Lungs and Cleanse the Intestines


With Ulli Allmendinger, MSc. Ayurveda and V. Şafak Uysal

October 26-29, 2018, Yücesan Çiftliği, Sakarya


   How did you feel this morning? Refreshed and energized, or rolling out of bed with puffy eyes, and wanting more sleep? Chances are that it was somewhere in between. Many of us are feeling below par—putting up with headaches, bloating, fatigue and dull skin.


   To a great extent, how you feel is directly linked with your body’s ability to deal with toxins. Normally, the body can cleanse itself without assistance but in today’s modern world, the constant bombardment of toxins overwhelms our body’s ability to cleanse itself. Therefore, twice a year, according to Ayurveda, we need to stop and detox, in order to allow our body’s natural healing mechanism to take over.


Come and join this unique opportunity for a 3-day Ayurvedic Fall Detox Retreat, which will help heal the digestive system as well as important detoxifying organs such as lungs and large intestines. The fall season is an ideal time to clear away heat toxins from the summer season and prepare the body for a healthy winter season, filled with great immunity, strength and vitality. It is also the season of the metal element in Chinese medicine, and a time to let go of what is no longer needed, and surrender and move inwards towards our essence.


Throughout this mini-Panchakarma cleanse, our diet will consist mainly of kitchari, the famous Ayurvedic detoxification dish based on mung beans, Basmati rice, vegetables and digestive spices. This forms the foundation for our specific cleansing techniques that include herbs, medicated ghee and oils as well as AyurYoga and breathing practices.


Note: This cleanse in particular is suitable for people that have never done a cleanse before. It is gentle and easy, and supported through the group process as well as movement therapies and meditations in the retreat. For lectures and classes, there will be English/Turkish translation available.


The retreat starts Friday, October 26, in the evening with dinner at 19.30 and finishes Monday, October 29, after lunch, around 14.30. You will prepare for the detox at home for 5 days prior to coming to the retreat.


Cost: 1500TL (including 3 nights accommodation, all detox meals, detox supplies and packages, daily guided yoga and meditation, as well as teachings on Ayurvedic nutrition, detoxification and lifestyle routines).

Early-bird price (paid by September 30): 1400TL


Register: Please register by emailing either Ulli at info@ulli-ayurveda.com or Şafak at freeyogaretreat@gmail.com. Space is limited to 15 participants since this is an intimate group process, so it is recommended to book your place early.


Location: Our retreat will be held at the beautiful Yücesan Ciftliği, Boğazköy, Arifiye, Sakarya. It is approximately a 2-hour drive from Istanbul by car. There is also a daily train schedule from Pendik to Arifiye, where a pick up to the venue can be arranged.


Daily Schedule

7.00                Ayurvedic Detox Routines: Tongue Scraping, Oil Pulling and Abhyanga

7.30                Medicated Ghee & Lemon-Ginger Shot                         

7.45-9.00        AyurYoga & Pranayama


9.30                 Breakfast

10.30-12.00     Lecture

12.30-13.00     Ayurvedic Cleansing Techniques


13.00-14.00     Lunch

14.00-17.30     Free Time (Massage, Walking, Rest)


17.30-18.45     Yin Yoga (Lungs and Large Intestine)

19.00                Dinner

20.00-21.00      Evening Meditation

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