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200-Hour Living Ayurveda Training, January-June 2019, LiT Karaköy

This 200-hour, in-depth exploration of Ayurveda will focus on the key concepts of this beautiful ancient wisdom and its practical application to modern daily living. It can be taken by yoga teachers, yoga students, massage therapist, nutritionists and anybody interested taking charge of their and their family’s health, as well as wanting to supplement their career in holistic healing. After this year, you will be able to confidently apply Ayurvedic principles, nutrition and routines to your daily life, as well as start working with family members and friends, using Ayurvedic nutrition and lifestyle advice, along with a few selected spices and herbs to work on imbalances and support a process of healing. 

The course is a total of 8 modules during 6 months, where the last two modules will be taught in a retreat setting. It will be taught in English and Turkish translation as well as Turkish handouts are available. After completing the full course including all homework assignments, students will receive a certificate of completion from Ulli Ayurveda.

Start: January – June 2019
Hours: Saturday & Sunday,10.00 - 17.00 
Location: LiT Karakoy

1. Fundamentals of Ayurveda: History and Philosophy of Ayurveda, Elements and Doshas
12/13th January, 2019

2. Ayurvedic Anatomy & Physiology I: Subdoshas, Dhatus (Tissues), Malas (Wastes) 
2/3rd February, 2019

3. The Subtle Body & the Mind: Daily and Seasonal Routines (Dinacharya/ Ritucharya) and AyurYoga 
23/24th February, 2019

4. Fundamentals of Ayurvedic Nutrition & Ayurvedic Cooking Basics 
23/24th March, 2019

5. Ayurvedic Anatomy & Physiology II: Srotas (Channels) Marmani (Energy Points) and Marma Therapy 
27/28th April, 2019

6. Ayurvedic Pathology: Models of Disease In Ayurveda (Samprapti) & Physical Assessment I (Face and Tongue)
18/19th May, 2019

FINAL RETREAT: 12-16th June, 2019 Hizir Kamp, Kaz Mountains

* Module 7: Physical Assessment II (Pulse Diagnosis) & Ayurvedic Health History Intake 

* Module 8: Ayurvedic Therapies: Herbal Medicine & Ayurvedic Bodywork: (Abhyanga & Bastis)

Cost: Full Course: 6000TL
Half Course: 3200TL 
Cash Discount: 10%
Early-Bird Registration Deadline: 
November 1, 2018 (5% additional discount)

Register: For questions and to register for this course, please contact Melis Baltalı Olçum by calling 0530 290 0444 or emailing melisbaltali@gmail.com



Way(s): A Journey of Self-Inquiry

with Ulli Allmendinger and V. Şafak Uysal


22-26 May 2019 (Wednesday - Sunday)

@Kocabahçe Glamping, Bozburun/Marmaris


What does it mean to see truly? What is it to live fully? And how can we embody our humanity in an authentic way? Inspired by these questions and the like, sages and wise men of various spiritual traditions tried for millennia to investigate the meaning of life, the workings of the cosmos and the place of human beings in it. As they have done, following various "ways” of their own, they each not only have brought great works of philosophy to life but have also devised complete physical methods and practices that aid us in our investigation and help guide us on our spiritual path.


In our journey of self-inquiry, towards The Way, two of these traditions will accompany us. We will embark upon a comparative reading of the world-view and key concepts of Taoism as represented by Lao-Tsu and Chuang-Tsu, and the world-view and key concepts of Sufism as represented by Ibn Arabi, while juxtaposing both systems with yogic practices. First, we will read and interpret textual excerpts in prose and verse form from both traditions – especially from Tao Te Ching. Secondly, we will practice yoga asanas, breath work (pranayama), meditation and dyad inquiries in line with the themes of each day’s readings. In short, we will together explore different "ways” of approaching, finding, grasping and perhaps also getting lost in Truth...


Where are you hurrying to?

You will see

the same moon tonight

wherever you go!

(Izumi Shikibu)


We will be at the outskirts of the ancient Carian city of Physkos, where the Mediterranean meets the Aegean Sea, at Kocabahçe Bay, reachable only by sea transport (http://www.kocabahceglamping.com/). Kocabahçe will welcome us with its breathtaking beauty, wild nature, islands and dolphins that embrace all as well as a wonderful menu made up of fresh produce from nearby vegetable gardens and orchards. We will celebrate the arrival of summer season, while still enjoying the crispness of the Mediterranean climate before the hotter months. In our free time, we will be taking long walks, exploring the rugged and secluded beauty and paths of Kocabahçe Bay.


For the inquiry process during this retreat, it would be much more meaningful for you if you have at least six to twelve months of yoga experience, but of course our doors are open to students from all levels for this particular event. Again, while not being mandatory, it would be helpful if you have previous experience with any form of seated meditation. Please note that you will be expected to attend the whole program unless an emergency or exceptional circumstance arises.


22 May (Wednesday)
17.00 Opening circle
17.30 Yoga asana & breath work
19.00 Dinner
20.30 Talk: "Looking at Taoism & Sufism Together"
21.30 Meditation

23 – 25 May (Thursday-Saturday)
07.30 Yoga, pranayama & guided meditation
09.30 Breakfast
10.30 Theory: "Key Concepts in Taoism”
12.00 Free Time
17.30 Yoga & dyad inquiry
19.30 Dinner
20.30 Theory: "Key Concepts in Sufism”

26 May (Sunday)
07.30 Yoga, pranayama & guided meditation
09.30 Breakfast
10.30 Talk & Closing circle: "Ways”
12.00 End of retreat


The price for the event is 1800 TL (1600TL early bird price, paid total, by March 22). It includes four nights / five days half-board accommodation in double/triple spacious rooms and luxury tents; plus, all yoga, pranayama, meditation and seminar sessions. Travel expenses to and from the venue are to be covered by the participants. (As we’d like to be able to reach as many people as possible and have limited room, we unfortunately cannot offer single accommodation.) 

Please send us a brief letter either at info@ulli-ayurveda.comfor Ulli or at freeyogaretreat@gmail.comfor Şafak with a few lines about: a) your interest in the event; b) your intention in and expectations about participating in the retreat; c) your story and life experience in general; d) your spiritual journey and/or trainings if any. The rest will follow...


Ulli is an Ayurvedic consultant, herbalist and Yoga therapist with a passion for cooking, Ayurvedic nutrition and AyurYoga Therapy. She has pursued her studies of Ayurveda in the US and India since 2003, under the tutelage of renowned teachers such as Dr. Subhash Ranade, Dr. Avinash Lele, and Dr. Vasant Lad. In addition to being a graduate of Dr. Lad’s two-year, full-time program at the Ayurvedic Institute in New Mexico, she also holds a Master’s degree in Ayurvedic Sciences from International Vedic Hindu University (IVHU) in Florida, USA. Besides having specialized in post-partum care for mother and child, she trained in Western Herbalism under renowned herbalist and author Karta Purkh Singh Khalsa and graduated from his Professional Herbalist Course in Seattle, WA in 2007. Even though she left behind a successful career as a journalist in New York City, Ulli still regularly contributes to and edits for publications such as Light On Ayurveda Journal, Ayurveda Journal of Health and Yoga Journal Turkey while currently living and working in Istanbul, Turkey, where she owns the health consulting business Ulli Ayurveda (www.ulli-ayurveda.com) and recently published her first book Ayurveda with Doğan Publishing.

Şafak's relationship with the body relies mostly on his long-time activities and experience in contemporary dance and contact improvisation. The backbone of his approach to yoga is based on his training with David Cornwell on Free Yoga (YA: 200 hours) and with Godfrey Devereux & Olivia Crooks on Dynamic Yoga Training Method (IYN: 500 hours). He has been participating in workshops and trainings with various local and international instructors (such as İpek Soygür, Mey Elbi, Zeyneb Uras, Chris Chavez, Konstantinos Charantiniotis, Elena Brower, Carlos Pomeda, Leslie Kaminoff) as part of 300 Hours Transformative Yoga Path offered by Cihangir Yoga, where he taught for a long time. He continues training with and assisting Zeynep Aksoy in her teacher trainings while teaching regularly at Code Lotus (a mindfullness center/program developed by Zeynep Aksoy & David Cornwell) in addition to offering independent courses, reading groups and retreats. Having found the opportunity to work with Ulli, Şafak currently inquires into the relationship between the sister sciences of Ayurveda and yoga while continuing his academic engagement with design, education and theory at Istanbul Bilgi University's Department of Interior Design.



Nourishing and Revitalizing Our Feminine Essence

A Women’s Wellness Retreat

October 21-26, 2019

Bosnia Pyramids, Vasoko


The Bosnian Pyramids are a potent place for healing, transformation and rejuvenation. People from around the world come every year to experience what are believed to be the largest man-made ancient pyramids on earth.

We could not imagine a more perfect place to bring together the sister sciences of Kundalini Yoga, Ayurveda and the ancient art of sound healing. During our 5-day women’s wellness retreat, we will learn about the female hormonal system and ways to balance and recharge, as well as invite resilience, juiciness and vitality back into our life.

Tina Maria and Ulli will share their most cherished teachings and practices through Ayurvedic lectures and self-care tips, optimal nutrition for hormonal health, healing Kundalini yoga kriyas, gong baths, and guided meditations.

We will stay directly at the foothills of the Sun pyramid, at the beautiful, eco-friendly Pyramid Lodge, built and owned by the German bio-engineer Stefan Paul Grúschwitz, who has been guiding groups through the Pyramid tunnels for many years and serves on the advisory board of the pyramid foundation. We will be served organic vegetarian meals, as well as energized spring water from the Pyramid Lodge spring. 

Activities include:

·      Daily morning Kundalini Yoga Kriyas

·      Guided meditations

·      Ayurvedic lectures

·      Visiting the pyramids and guided tour through the underground Ravne tunnels

·      Meditation in the Ravne tunnels

·      Hike to the top of the Sun pyramid

·      Gong baths


DATES:  Note that the retreat starts Monday, October 21stafternoon (check-in is at 14.30) and finishes Saturday, October 26th morning (check out is at 10:30). Please make your travel arrangements accordingly. The closest airport is Sarajevo, which is about 40 minutes from the lodge, and is worth a visit in itself if you have 1-2 days to spare. 


COST:  1250 Euro (1000 Euro early-bird). This price includes 5-nights’ accommodation, half-board (vegetarian breakfast buffet and dinner), as well as daily yoga, Ayurveda lectures, gong baths, and visit to the pyramids. The price does not include flight and airport transfer.


INFO: Please do not hesitate to get in touch with any questions and concerns. You can contact Ulli info@ulli-ayurveda.com or Tina Maria sat-nam@outlook.dk


REGISTRATION: To register, please contact Ulli or Tina Maria directly. Early-bird pricing is 1000 Euro for double occupancy, with 50% paid by February 1st, 2019. To book your space at any time, we ask for a 250 Euro non-refundable deposit.


About the Teachers

Ulli Allmendinger (MSc. Ayurveda) is an Ayurvedic consultant, herbalist and Yoga therapist with a passion for cooking, Ayurvedic nutrition and AyurYoga Therapy. She has pursued her studies of Ayurveda in the US and India since 2003. In addition to being a graduate of Dr. Lad’s two-year, full-time program at the Ayurvedic Institute in New Mexico, she also holds a Master’s degree in Ayurvedic Sciences from International Vedic Hindu University (IVHU) in Florida, USA. Even though she left behind a successful career as a journalist in New York City, Ulli still regularly contributes to publications such as Yoga Journal (Turkey) and has published her book Ayurveda with Doğan Publishing in June 2017. Ulli directs the Istanbul-based health consulting company Ulli Ayurveda (www.ulli-ayurveda.com), but also teaches workshops, trainings and detox camps throughout Europe. She recently began her studies of gong sound healing with Kay Karl in Berlin and Don Conreaux in Slovenia.


Tina Maria is a certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher with KRI, an Internationally recognized Yoga Alliance teacher training and has more than 30 years’ experience. She trained directly with Yogi Bhajan, Master of Kundalini Yoga. She is a certified Gong Master & therapist with advanced trainings under Grand Masters Mehtab Benton and Don Conreaux. She works one-to-one with Western Medicine Acupuncture and Sat Nam Rasayan healing and is currently conduction advanced studies for Level 3.

Tina Maria is founder and CEO of www.gong-academy.comand is passionately conducting trainings and courses in how to play the gong, gongbath and -Pujas as well as organizing internationally retreats and trainings.


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