Ulli Ayurveda


During your Ayurvedic consultation, I will take a detailed personal history and profile that covers all aspects of a person, i.e. physical, mental/emotional as well as spiritual wellbeing or imbalance. I use pulse assessment, as well as facial and tongue diagnosis, to determine your constitution (prakruti), the state of your internal organs and tissues, as well as current imbalances (vikruti).

Once I determine the nature and root cause of your current imbalanced state, I will recommend a treatment plan aimed at restoring balance to support the body’s innate healing and self-repair mechanism. Almost always, this is in the form of:

60 min. 350TL (Initial consultation)
45 min. 250TL (Follow up visits)

Health History Form
Prior to your consultation please print and fill out this Health History Form. Bring it with you to your first appointment.

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