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Twice a year I guide Detox & Rejuvenation cleanses here in Istanbul. They are guided at-home-detox programs that can be done while working and leading your regular life. It is a group cleanse, where you will be supported through a community of fellow participants. We will guide you step-by-step through this process, with a pre-detox meeting, a detailed detox plan, and a packet with all the food and cleansing supplies you need for the detox. In addition, you will also connect with fellow cleansers through our online forum, where you receive daily support and guidance from us, as well as have a platform to share your own experiences.

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Istanbul Spring Liver Detox, March 19-25, 2018

Pre-detox Meeting & Seminar Saturday, March 10, 11.00, 14.30 and 16.00 Ulli Ayurveda, Moda

How are you feeling these days? Vibrant, happy and full of energy? Or fatigued, dull, moody and stressed out? Chances are you are somewhere in between. In today’s busy world it is easy to get used to feeling below par—putting up with headaches, aches and pains, indigestion and poor skin, as well as feeling edgy and irritable.

To a great extent, how you feel is linked with your body’s ability to detoxify and rejuvenate on a daily basis. Ancient wisdom has it that exactly at the juncture of seasons (fall and spring), the chance to develop imbalance and disease is great, and it is a perfect opportunity to (re-)align yourself with nature and boost the body’s innate self-repair system.

This easy, guided at-home spiring detox is a wonderful way to

·Lose excess weight effortlessly

·Re-set your eating habits & beat sugar and coffee cravings

·Have abundant energy

·Create healthy daily routines

·Feel peaceful

·Benefiting from a supportive community

Come and join Ulli Ayurveda’s 8-day Guided Spring Liver Detox. Loose weight, detox the liver and balance blood sugar levels! Spring is an ideal time—it is the time to clear away toxins and accumulations and make way for new growth in life, more energy, focus and creativity. This cleanse is suitable for anybody even without prior detox experience, and can be carried out while working.

Saturday, March 10th: Seminar Meeting & Detox Introduction @ Ulli Ayurveda, Moda

Monday-Sunday, March 19-25: Detox Days


280TL, including teaching, handouts, cleansing supplies, and guided supervision.


· Handout & Recipes

· Mung Beans (for sprouting)

· Detox Tea

· Turmeric Powder

· Coffee Enema Supplies


By calling 0539 203 0422 or emailing info@ulli-ayurveda.com

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Detox and Revitalize Camps
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