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How happy I am to have found an Ayurvedic doctor like Ulli here in Istanbul. Thanks to her solid diagnosis and her knowledge of Ayurvedic remedies we tackle my old and deep-rooted diseases and weak points. In addition to the consultations, her cooking classes a source of great inspiration and fun.

Dr. Birgit Gruber-Groh, Istanbul

After a strep throat episode and a series of conventional medical treatments, my psoriasis flared up and within a couple of days I was red from head to toe, itching, and changing skin like a snake. I could barely sleep because the sheets were too rough. I was depressed and paralyzed. So I called Ulli and after an interview she designed an Ayuverdic diet to lower the inflammation and support my liver. I started eating more ghee, turmeric and dark greens, and cut gluten completely. She also gave me supplements such as krill oil, astaxanthin and milk thistle. The flare became bearable in a week and in a month I was already able to see white patches under the red ones. It took about six months to recover completely and Ulli kept checking on me all along. I wouldn't have been able to do it without her support.

Camila Viegas-Lee, New York

After years of being diagnosed with insulin-resistance, hypothyroidism and a micro-adenoma in the brain, I found Ulli, and with her knowledge and guidance we slowly started changing my diet and working on all my related health issue from the root. A year later, my MR imaging came out clean. The micro-adenoma is gone, and I feel so much better. I am so thankful for gaining my life back and confidence in my own healing ability.

Hande Kurtuluş, Istanbul


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